Our Services

Our Services

We offer a range of services at the surgery. Click the buttons below to find out more about how to access them.

Alternatively, there are many services you can access within the NHS, pharmacies and other external organisations. Click here to explore what’s on offer.

Antenatal Clinic

Baby Clinic

Contraception Services


Joint Injections

Anticoagulation Clinics

Dementia Care Reviews

Mental Health Services

Non-NHS Services

Postnatal Care

Chronic Condition Clinics

Travel Clinics

Audiology and Wax Removal

Antenatal Clinic

This is a midwife-led clinic for pregnant women.  Please contact the surgery to make a booking appointment with the midwife if you become pregnant. The Community Midwife is at Ty’r Felin Surgery on a Thursday.

Baby Clinic

Baby clinics run on a Thursday afternoon for immunisations and well-baby checks.  The clinic is run by the health visitors, our nursing team and a doctor.

Our Health visiting team (Jane Warchal, Rhian Jones, Joanne Jones and Kelly Moyes) are based in Gorseinon Hospital and can be contacted on 01792 532108

The team offer the Healthy Child Wales Programme for children up to 5 years of age and provide a wealth of advice and support for their families.

For information on the UK routine childhood immunisation schedule please see the following link: https://www.nhs.uk/start4life/baby/vaccinations-and-immunisations-baby/

Contraception Services

Ty’r Felin provides a comprehensive contraception service. For a new or review contraception consultation please click here.

Our nursing team can provide counselling for all contraception methods including oral hormonal contraception and long acting reversible contraception (LARC). They also run annual ‘pill checks’ for those taking oral contraception and provide counselling for those women considering long-acting reversible contraception (LARC).

Dr Nia Rice, Dr Laura Newington and Dr Lisa Heath run our LARC clinics.  For further information on different methods please see the information provided on our  ‘patient information – women’s health’ page.

If you’re opting for a new coil or implant please book a nurse appointment for counselling.  If you’re having a replacement coil or implant please contact the surgery to arrange this.  For information on do’s and don’ts prior to your appointment:

If you require emergency contraception please contact a community pharmacist, book an appointment with a nurse or make a triage appointment with a GP at the earliest opportunity. Please emphasise to the receptionist that your request is for EMERGENCY contraception.


Cryotherapy can be a helpful treatment for some painful warts and other benign skin lesions that haven’t responded to over the counter treatments from a community pharmacy.  We are unable to provide treatment for cosmetic skin lesions. 

These appointments can be booked when appropriate following a triage appointment with a doctor.

Joint Injections:

Joint injections can be a helpful treatment for musculoskeletal conditions such as osteoarthritis of the knee, tendinitis of the shoulder and triggering of the finger. Dr Stephen Greenfield, Dr Keith Hawkins and Dr Ainsley Rees-Evans provide this service. A joint injection may be a treatment option recommended for you by a doctor or a physiotherapist. 

Please make a GP triage appointment to discuss this further.

Anticoagulation Clinics

For patients on warfarin and ‘DOAC’ anticoagulation medication.  Clinics are run by our nursing team and Practice Pharmacists to oversee monitoring.

Dementia Care Reviews

Dr Nia Rice is our lead GP in dementia care, supported by Claire Thomas and Sarah Passmore as our Patient Liaison Officers. 

If you have a diagnosis of memory impairment or dementia (which includes Alzheimer’s disease or Vascular dementia), you are encouraged to attend our dementia (memory impairment) annual review clinic. 

This clinic is to review your physical health, emotional needs and medication. It is run every 2 months and is supported by Elaine James from Swansea North Dementia and Carer Project. Elaine provides support for people living with dementia and  their carers; helping people to access services and reducing isolation. 

You can access Elaine James directly on 07908 742 718 or elaine_james@scvs.org.uk

If you are worried about your memory, concerned about a family member or friend, or caring for someone with dementia, then please contact the surgery for an assessment through triage surgery appointment or request an appointment in our dementia / memory clinic. 

For information on support groups please click here

Mental Health Services

The Llwchwr Cluster share the expertise of a mental health practitioner who attends Ty’r Felin Surgery weekly on a Friday for assessments, signposting and wellbeing advice. 

If felt appropriate, a GP would book this appointment following discussion at a telephone triage appointment.

Non–NHS Services

The Practice provides a limited number of non-NHS examinations and reports.  Please contact the Practice for details. There is a charge for these services and full payment will be required in advance.

Our NHS services will always take priority and non-NHS services are provided subject to the GP availability.

Postnatal Care

You can request a postnatal contraception and well-being discussion at your baby’s 6 week check. Please book this appointment with reception when booking your baby’s clinic appointment

Chronic Conditions Clinic

Our nursing team run our chronic conditions clinics and liaise with lead doctors when appropriate.

If you have any of these conditions – diabetes, hypertension, asthma, COPD, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, it is important you attend your annual review.  There are set clinics you can book into for this.

Travel Clinics

Our nursing team offer travel advice and can assess your need for vaccination and antimalarial prophylaxis prior to travel. 

Some vaccinations can be offered at the surgery.  If we are unable to give what is recommended here, our nursing team will signpost you to where you can obtain what is required.

Please complete this form to complete your travel risk assessment.

For up to date travel advice see the National Travel Health Network and Centre (NaTHNaC) website.

Audiology and Wax Removal

Llwchwr Cluster now have Audiology and Ear Wax Removal clinics based at Penclawdd Surgery. If you feel you would benefit from an appointment in with clinic please contact the surgery and speak to our reception team for more information.

Wax removal appointments

Prior to your appointment please ensure you follow these guidelines

  • Prior to having wax removed, please use ear oil for 7 days, 2 to 3 drops, 3 times a day.
  • Any ear oil for wax removal is fine. There are many different names of oil. These can be bought at the local chemist or super markets.
  • You can administer this using a warm dry tea spoon or a little pipette, which makes it easy to put into your ear.
  • If you have any pain, please contact the surgery via GP triage, to ensure there isn’t an infection present.

If you have a history of perforations please use an ear oil spray – bought at your local chemist or prescribed by your GP.

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